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Pets » Turtles & Tortoises

Turtles & Tortoises [Newest]

There are currently 75 ads running in the Turtles & Tortoises category.
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Gold Member Egyptian Tortoises, Radiatas , Pancakes, Platynota Multiple Images
Posted 1 day ago
Hello , my available for delivery 1. eastern hermann's tortoises (t. hermanni boettgeri) 2. east-european greek's tortoises (t. graeca ibera) 3. northern marginated tortoises (t. marginata margin...
Red Foot Tortoise For Sale.
Posted 1 day ago
I have a very healthy red foot tortoise for sale male and female, we also have babies, sub- adult and adult. for more details please contact me on 8173818609 or 7043436990
Mini Chihuahua Female For Sale. $600
Posted 1 day ago
Short nose, expressive eyes. mini size. date of birth april 16, 2017, for more information please contact on 8173818609 or 7043436990...
Auro Capitata. Trifasciata And Mccordi Available
Posted 2 days ago
Auro capitata. trifasciata and mccordi turtles are available. contact ... for more information.
Beautiful Female Aldabra Needs A Home
Posted 5 days ago
A lovely female aldabra needs a home +1-773-609-0685
Healthy Male And Female Large Sulcata
Posted 5 days ago
I have raised for 4yrs and they are friendly to people. they are very healthy and beautiful. contact me for them +1-773-609-0685 please text or call me for confirmation and becareful for those people who w...
Male And Female Spurred Tortoise Needs A Home
Posted 5 days ago
Lucy and rob are a 7yr old spurred tortoise. . he is a very nice sizeb and grows with his environment. has never bit anyone or our dogs. he was raised on zilla tortoise food, roman lettuce as well as othe...
Male And Female Adult Russian Aldabra For Sale
Posted 5 days ago
Male and female russian aldabra for sale... at an subsidized price contact me +1-773-609-0685
Adult Male And Female Tortoise All Breeds For Sale
Posted 5 days ago
By different species of tortoise,e.g aldabra, sulcata, indian star, hermannee, red-foot, radiated, galapagos etc, we sell both babies, sub adults and adults, free shipping within the us. +1-773-609-0685
Buy All Breeds Of Healthy Tortoise Now...
Posted 6 days ago
We are breeders of different species of tortoise,e.g aldabra, sulcata, indian star, hermannee, red-foot, radiated, galapagos etc, we sell both babies, sub adults and adults, you can contact us via our webs...
Sulcata Tortoises 2 Years Old! Reduced! $135
Posted 7 days ago
I have just four 2 year old sulcata tortoises available. they''re absolutely beautiful and they live outside full-time here in central florida. they are approximately 4 inches long and are very healthy. th...
Sulcata Yearling! $99
Posted 7 days ago
I have one beautiful yearling sulcata available. the tortoise is very pretty, healthy and active. the tortoise receives a proper diet of mixed vegetables, cactus, grass, weeds and supplements. please cal...
Two Russian Tortoise Males
Posted 7 days ago
I am reopening this ad after i removed it because i was in contact with a potential home at the time; thus, if it looks familiar, it is. i started at university this past year and need to halve my tort...
Gold Member Astrochelys Radiata , Platynota, M Tonieri , Sale Multiple Images
Hello everyone below is my complete price list 1) radiated tortoises (g. radiata) - babies, size to 5.99 cm, at eur 200.00/each - low youngs, size 6.00 - 7.99 cm, at eur 250.00/each - young ones,...
Cool Male Sulcata 12" $275
I have a very nice footlong male sulcata for sale! he is very healthy and has a very smooth shell. he lives outside so he grazes on weeds, grass and receives healthy portions of fresh vegetables! he also r...
Large Sulcata Female $1,200
I have a beautiful 16 inch female sulcata up for grabs! she has never been bred but should be ready this year. she has a beautiful dark brown shell that is in great condition! even her underside is in perf...
Beautiful Female Sulcata $395
I have an absolutely stunning 9 inch female sulcata. her markings and colors are truly beautiful. she is extremely healthy and in excellent condition! she lives outside so she grazes on grass and weeds...
Two Young Male Russian Tortoises $250
I have two male russian tortoises that are under a year old. the price above includes the two tortoises, their cage, two heating lamps, a cave, feeding bowls, calcium powder, two containers for them to ...
Male African Spurred Tortoise $500
Tank is a 3yr old male african spurred tortoise. we are moving to a colder climate and so must re home our tank. he is a very nice sizeb and grows with his environment. the bigger the cage the bigger he ...
Perfect Large Sulcata! $425
I am regretfully rehoming my long-time tortoise friend "tank". i have had him for 13 years and he is pushing 2 feet long! he is gentle and sweet! he will come to you and eat from your hand. he has always...
2 Year Old Sulcata Tortoise $100
I have a 2 year old sulfate tortoise named bopper i am relocating and cannot take him with me. he has become inactive but has been given the correct diet. i am looking for someone that will work with him a...
Pair Of Indian Star Tortoises For Sale $400 Multiple Images
i am selling my pair of indian star tortoises (geochelone elegans). the larger one is 24 months old and smaller is 10 months old. both very healthy. i will only sell as a pair as the little one loves t...
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