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There are currently 20 ads running in the Lizards category.
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Red-eyed Crocodile Skinks & White Dumpy Tree Frog $400
Two red-eyed crocodile skinks and one white dumpy tree frog w/ complete aquarium setup selling the following to a good home: 2 red-eyed crocodile skinks 1 white dumpy tree frog aquarium with section...
Bearded Dragon $100
Bearded dragon needs a good new home! she is 3 years old and is named sierra. we are having to rehome her because we are unable to give her the attention she needs. she needs someone who can handle her dai...
Bearded Dragon With Tank And Supplies $200
Spike is a year old. he is use to being handled by a 13 year old. he likes to sit on your shoulder. i feed him 10 crickets 3 times a week. he gets his other food every day. i''m not able to keep him, due ...
Male Juvenile Veiled Chameleon W/ Cage And Suppli $100
Chameleon for sale! must sell as will not be able to keep him next year. chameleons require a lot of care so only experienced pet owners preferred. can only drink dripping water, eats around 10 live cric...
Panther Gecko $50
I am looking to rehome my male panther gecko. i am hoping he can go to a good home, as i cannot keep him anymore. there will be a fee of $50 as that is how much i originally paid for him
2 Healthy Crested Geckos $225
2 healthy crested geckos wit all materials and supplies. one female and one male. text me at 2406912223 for more pictures and information
Red Bearded Dragon $110
Seven month old dark red bearded dragon. healthy eater and handlable, favorite food include crickets, dubia roaches, romain lettice, spinach, cucombers, and a little apple. hes extremely beautiful in perso...
Bearded Dragon $75
Triton is his current name and he is approximately 3 years old and about a foot long at this point and in great health. i rescued him but due to my own health issues i have to find new forever homes for a ...
Tangerine Leopard Geckos
Pair of 2 yr old tangerine leopard geckos. one male, one female. bred once for a total of 12 beautiful hatch-lings in the season. i would like to find a good home for them since i recently got a kitten. $2...
Veiled Chameleons $35
Veiled chameleons available. 1 6 month old female. and well started babies are also available. will meet in oklahoma city area. does not include caging or lights. feel free to text me for more information.
Ambilobe Panther Chameleon $375
1.5 year old ambilobe panther chameleon. beautiful colors!! lost of greens, blue, and reds!!
Female Breeder Quality Leopard Geckos $200
Two female leopard geckos includes everything you need to take care of them tank, tank stand, plants, hides, dishes, calisum powder, two heat mats, lights in case it gets to cold, cleaning supplies and mor...
Baby Bearded Dragon With Complete Habitat $425
Baby beardie needs a good home. this is a complete set-up, ready to move to your place. beardie is about 6.5 inches, about 4-5 months old. great age to begin bonding early. he is in a brand new 40 ga...
Bearded Dragon/tank/cabinet/accessories For Sale $150
Male bearded dragon comes with tank, cabinet, and accessories. . i rescued him but unfortunately due to my health issues i need to find new forever homes for some of my babies...he is approximately a foot ...
5 1/2ft Nile Monitor $100
Semi-tame 5 1/2ft in length perfect health hates being picked up doesn't mind leash must have supplies/enclosure and transport carrier for him before he goes home with you!! 951-243-4692 leanna
Bearded Dragons
I have two bearded dragons i got for my son last year for christmas need a good home they are adults very friendly playful. willing to sell the tanks and everything at once or lizards individually call or ...
Dalmatian Crested Gecko $60
This male crested gecko is friendly and about a year old, has very thick spots and when fired up is red and cream striped. his name is nanners hes very handleable and eats pangea and crickets really well. ...
2 Bearded Dragons $200
2 bearded dragons aquarium tank furniture lights
Amazing Gecko Lizard
I have an amazing lizard that needs a new home. she is about 2 years and is female. i am asking a rehoming fee of $55 and she will come with a tank and some other supplies. please email me if you are intre...
Ambilobe Panthers Chameleon $400
Male ambilobe panthers chameleo, male. docile very friendly. about 4-6 months old. changes colors from bright blues, greens, reds, oranges and white and will only continue to get brighter as he gets older....
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