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There are currently 510 ads running in the Cats category.
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All Black Female Kitten For Sale! $45
Posted 19 hours, 37 minutes ago
Female kitten, all black, about 2 months old. cuddlely, sweet and friendly. has been around other dogs and cats. had not been clipped or been to the vet yet. has been bathed and is well tooken care of. we ...
All Black Female Kitten For Sale! $45
Posted 19 hours, 37 minutes ago
Female kitten, all black, about 2 months old. cuddlely, sweet and friendly. has been around other dogs and cats. had not been clipped or been to the vet yet. has been bathed and is well tooken care of. we ...
Gorgeous Seal Lynx Highlander $650
Posted 20 hours, 19 minutes ago
We have a gorgeous seal lynx boy at lovebranch cattery. he is sooo affectionate and playful! we just love him!! he was going to be one of our breeders but we have decided we have enough boys!! he will make...
Classic Seal Point Himalayan Persian Male Reg Cff $600
Posted 1 day ago
Beautiful boy, himalayan persian classic seal point color. 7 months old. he is intact. the color is what everyone thinks of when they think himalayan! he is super spoiled and loving! he has a thick, soft,...
Beautifull Black Tortie Persian Very Loving N Swe $600
Posted 1 day ago
We call this pretty girl sabrina! she is extremely spoiled and love to be held and pet. great lap cat. she has a very nice long thick coat that is easy to take care of for a persian. keep her brushed and ...
Half Ragdoll / Dsh Kittens Due Any Day $400
Posted 1 day ago
Ragdoll dad and dsh tuxedo black and white mom. kittens due any day now and will be available on first come first basis. comes with with first deqormings, a health guarantee / contract and a kitten pack. ...
Wanting To Adopt Kitten
Posted 1 day ago
Looking to adopt a free or low cost black well adjusted playful kitten or young cat that's under 8 months old in joliet il phone 815-409-7406 wanting the kitten as a buddy for my kitten. i have been a ca...
Bengal Siamese Kittens For Sale Cheap $100
Posted 1 day ago
These kittens are 7 weeks now and ready for a new home ! there are 4 boys left, mother and father are both bengal siamese as well, they are getting beautiful patterns and siamese traits . all have blue bea...
Hermaphrodite Cat $1,000
Posted 1 day ago
Beautiful adult cat. well-behaved. gets along well with other cats and children! looking for a good, safe forever home for this baby.
Gray Cat
Posted 1 day ago
Beautiful gray female cat about 2 years old. she is spayed has rabies and distemper shots checked for fecal worms and earmites. she came to us as a pregnant stray.she is a very loving cat gets along well ...
Cats For Adoption (4 Sponsored) $35 Multiple Images
Posted 1 day ago
Jefferson county animal control 107 east perkins mt. vernon, il 62864 adoption fees: cats and kittens: $35 fully refunded once you spay/neuter microchip and rabie protect. adoption hours: mon-fr...
Bengal Kitten With Pedigree
Posted 1 day ago
Our beautiful brown spotted bengal kitten that we call cindy is being raised in our home and will be ready for a new family soon. she is very active, curious and loves attention from people. her father i...
Brandy - The Bengal Kitten
Posted 1 day ago
Brandy is a bengal kitten being raised in our home. she has a spring in her step and high contrast to her coat. she is full of energy and loves people. her father is a supreme grand champion show cat and...
Bengal Kitten - Amy
Posted 1 day ago
Amy is a pedigreed brown spotted bengal kitten being raised in my home. she has a sweet personality and lovely coat pattern. her father is a supreme grand champion show cat and her mother is from excelle...
Ocicat Kittens!! $600
Posted 2 days ago
4 ocicat kittens left. 2 ticked females, 1 ticked male and 1 spotted male. oh my do they have personality!!! :-d. we are in love with this breed and know you will be too. ocicats are often called the 'do...
Free Ragdoll
Posted 2 days ago
She is 2 years old, blue eyes, mink color and, she is spayed. we have to find a new home because allergy problems. she is due for only 1 vaccine. we don't want money, we only want a good home.
Sphynx Cats $500
Posted 2 days ago
Selling for my employer. many males and one female from 3 different litters all born in dec 2015 from a breeder who is retiring and will no longer be breeding. will be spay or nurtured before pickup. tons ...
Free Young Cat To Good Home!
Posted 3 days ago
Young calico cat, about 2 yrs old. great temperament, sweet, playful. not spaded. looking for a great home!
Friendly Calico Cat Looking For New Home $20
Posted 3 days ago
I am looking to re-home my nine-year-old calico cat, mia. she is a healthy, well-behaved, and extremely friendly cat that is great with people and with kids. mia has been a great member of the family b...
Ragamese Kittens Are Here!
Posted 4 days ago
Colorpoint males and females available. kittens will be getting their full colors in soon, updated pictures available by email. both parents are registered purebreds. mama is a pretty, dainty seal point...
Gold Member Bengal Kittens. $500 Multiple Images
Posted 4 days ago
Bengal kittens from hcm tested lines. mom and dad available and can be seen. 8 weeks old male and female from same litter. they have striking rosette markings and fantastic confirmation and build. they are...
Turkish Angora Grey Kitten $500
Posted 4 days ago
Very active, cute and playful long hair turkish angora grey kitten
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