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Cats (page 9)

There are currently 744 ads running in the Cats category.
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Himalayan (22)Savannah (20)American Shorthair (19)Exotic Shorthair (17)
Munchkin (17)Scottish Fold (15)Egyptian Mau (8)British Shorthair (6)
Russian Blue (6)Siberian (6)Turkish Angora (3)Burmese (3)
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Tonkinese (1)American Bobtail (1)Birman (1)Asian Group (1)
Balinese (1)
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Gold Member Himalayan Kitten For Sale
If you are searching for an amazing, funny and handsome himalayan kitten to add to your home, then you will have to consider getting me.  i’m quite the character.  i love to spend my time soaking...
Gold Member Lilac Persian Kitten For Sale
Get a load of this super plump & super friendly baby boy!his adorable facial expressions will keep you laughing till you cry!as you can see, he never misses meal time. lolhe is such a rollie~pollie kit...
Gold Member Shaded Golden Persian Kitten For Sale
Victoria is a true slice of heaven!to win victoria’s heart, just pick her up and pet her. she will be all over you for loving. she will greet you when you come home with meows and rub on your legs. she doe...
Gold Member Lightly Shaded Silver Teacup Kitten Available
Silver lining is such a handsome little guy! take note of his highly exotic stripes down his tail!   these are known as “kitty bracelets”! he loves to swish his tail around and show them off to a...
Gold Member Silver Chinchilla Kitten For Sale
Little maisey is a true angel and is as cute as can be! this little angel is going to have long white hair with the tips sprinkled in silver. for more information on this adorable little girl, pl...
Gold Member Black Smoke Persian Kitten Available
Fyi: this little guy prefers to sleep in human beds, not kitty beds. he is a very happy-go-lucky little guy who is always in wonderful spirits and ready, willing and able to pass our kitty kisses and whisk...
Gold Member Silver Chinchilla Persian Available
Say hello to our stunning xavier! he is like pure cane sugar look at his purr-fect eyeliner! he nuzzles into your cheeks when you are asleep and head butts your hand when you are awake in hope of gett...
Gold Member Tabby Persian Kitten For Sale
Zoom is a very easygoing little guy and loves to be held and be brushed. he loves to run around and play with anything that moves. for more information and photos of zoom please visit our website...
Gold Member Shaded Golden With Highlights - Teacup Kitten
We bathed this sweet little chick~a~dee and tried our hearts out to get a nice display of updated picture to show her sun~shower of colors on her body, but she wanted to play like a bird in a nest. so, we ...
Gold Member Ivory Chinchilla Persian Kitten Available
Pudge is a very plump baby boy! he loves to roll around and is as sweet as can be!for more information and photos of pudge, please visit our website....
Gold Member Teacup Kittens For Sale - Persian Kittens
This fluffy, puffy kitty features our signature “chipmunk cheeks”! super chubby, super plump! he is like velcro and clings to you in hopes of extra cuddle time.for more information and photos of this cutie...
Gold Member Teacup Persian Kitten For Sale - Shaded Golden
Mr. magoo not only makes your heart melt, but he is one of the sweetest and most lovable little fellas we have ever seen!he loves to run up to you and will softly meow, asking you to pick him up. it is too...
Gold Member Pure White Persian Kitten For Sale
We currently have one adorable snow white persian kitten for sale. she is such a snuggle bunny and adores having her beautiful hair brushed out. she showcases angelic icy blue eyes. she is not deaf (s...
Gold Member Unique Persian Kitten For Sale!
This handsome little fur-fella is our first ever cream and white teacup persian! it has been a real struggle as to if we should keep him or list him up for sale. he is super tiny & ultra petite, but ha...
Gold Member Simply Irresistible Persian Kittens!
We invite you to visit our website and check out some of the prettiest fur-faces on the internet! (in a color pallet of beautiful colors!) all adorn with angelic baby doll faces and infused with super...
Gold Member Persian Kitten For Sale - Cream & White Patchwork
This handsome little fur-fella is our first ever cream and white teacup persian! it has been a real struggle as to if we should keep him or list him up for this point he will be listed available, b...
Gold Member Shaded Golden Teacup Persian Kitten
This handsome little guy is very friendly and overflowing with love to give!as soon as you pick thumper up, he is like butter in your hands! he not only has the most adorable face, but has an irresistible ...
Gold Member Cream & White Patchwork Persian Kitten
Meet the lovely, sweet and cuddly aiden! he is always purring and gives the sweetest kisses! he will make a delightful companion! if you are interested in aiden, please do not hesitate to apply f...
Gold Member Rug Hugger Kitten Available
Rug huggers, otherwise known as the eternal kitten!super healthy and highly adorable, our short legged teacup persian rug hugger kittens are every bit as wonderful as our full sized persian babies – but in...
Gold Member Persians & Himalayans Available
 doll face persians & himalayans home of the nation’s most breathtaking persian & himalayns kittens! we specialize in not only in the rarest coat colors in the world but also the ...
Gold Member Pre-loved Persian Kittens
You may find persian kittens with cheaper prices but you will not find them with better personalities!  step into our wonderful world of dreamy dollface persian and himalayan kittens and see what...
Gold Member Astonishing Bi-eyed Patchwork Persian!
feast your eyes on yet another one of our extraordinary creations! we have all seen the traditional "bi-eyed white persian cats" but very few of us have ever seen a persian with color on ...
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