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Cats (page 6)

There are currently 720 ads running in the Cats category.
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Gold Member Smallest Kittens In The World!
Treat yourself to the wonderful world of luxury persian kittens. carefully designed and bred to capture your attention and melt your heart at a glance, our designer hybrid persian kittens are a sight to be...
Gold Member Calico Persian Kittens!
Calico persians have the most highly recognizable coat patterns around. their tri-color patchwork coats display the traditional black-red-white pattern, or the more rare dilute blue-cream-white color...
Gold Member Stunning Teacup Kitten!
Ella and her twin brother are two peas in a pod. not only do they share a luxury coat, but also their lovey-dovey over the top affectionate personality! ella is is sweet as pie. she spends 90% of her day p...
Gold Member Animated Persian Kittens!
Here at our doll-face persian kitten nursery we continually strive for as close to perfection as we can possibly achieve, continually trying new things and setting trends we hope others will love as much a...
Gold Member Kitten For Sale
Max is one of the most charming and well-rounded kittens in our nursery. this adorable kitten is always the life of the party, showing off his silly kitten antics. he keeps us all entertained watching him ...
Gold Member Shaded Silver Persian Kitten
Owen is not only gorgeous beyond words, but he is also sugar coated with an outstanding lovey-dovey personality. his zest for life is unmatched. he enjoys the company of his human friends and his nursery m...
Gold Member Floppy Eared Persian Kittens
Ultra rare floppy eared persian and himalayan kittens! search as you may, but these hoot owl looking kitties can only be found at one place, doll face persian kittens! these captivating kitties a...
Gold Member Exotic Short Hair Teacup Kitten!
There is simply no other kitten in the world like mystre. from the more traditional tabby markings set on top of a golden background on his face, to the hypnotizing swirling patterns that trickle down his ...
Gold Member Ultra Rare Chocolate Persian Kittens!
For those who prefer the unique things in life, check out these ultra rare kittens! here we have featured a lilac smoke tortoiseshell persian (left), a chocolate tortoiseshell, and a chocolate smoke to...
Gold Member Angel Faced Persian Kitten
We invite you to come visit our website and see what 25 years of devotion to doll face persians looks like. after just one page you will clearly see our passion for persians & himalayans and into our h...
Gold Member Fall Greetings! Teacup Persian Kittens Available!
We specialize in the cutest fur-faces on the net! ! ! we offer 23 years of knowledgeable expertise and dedicated service. check out the rainbow of colors & sizes currently available on our website: ...
Gold Member Teacup Persian Kittens Available!
Gorgeous persian kittens from the nation's most trusted and longstanding persian cat breeder. (26 years in business, all while maintaining an a+ rating with the bbb) we offer a wide array of colors, s...
Gold Member Teacup Kittens Available - You Have To See Them!
Our pampered persian cuties come pre-loved & pre-spoiled to ensure that each kitten has a temperament and personality as sweet as their adorable little doll faces.our gorgeous persian babies will fill ...
Gold Member Female Kittens Available (50% Off Sale) $350
2 sweet tempered black shaded burmilla kittens.born june 6, 2013. i will ship anywhere in the us. i have a shipper who will deliver your kitten to the nearest airport where you live. his fee is $300. all s...
Gold Member Teacup Kittens For Sale
Pablo is a highly affectionate little kitten ready to join a loving home. he is adorned with a full coat and magnificent mane highlighting his face. pablo is one easy-going kitty, with a charismatic person...
Gold Member Rug Hugger Kitten Available~ The Eternal Kitten
This ultra tiny male rug hugger is just too cute for words! he is very loving and sweet natured. he will have dazzling eyes and a beautiful fluffy coat. he is truly a unique and tiny treasure to behold. we...
Gold Member Black And White Teacup Persian Kitten For Sale
Don’t even think about adding this little lady to your home and heart, unless you are willing to be her personal groomer! lol! she loves having her hair brushed and being told how beautiful she is. if...
Gold Member Silver Chinchilla Teacup Kitten
Introducing our angelic skylight. this little kitty has one impressive coat! it is super soft with a glittery hue to his full coat. skylight is not only gorgeous beyond words, but is also sugar coated with...
Gold Member Ivory Chinchilla Teacup Persian Kitten
This ivory kitten has a coat that is so light, 9 out of 10 people would think nubbins is a white teacup kitten! however, this dear kitten has ivory sprinkled throughout his coat and some very light ringlet...
Gold Member Cream Patched Golden Teacup Persian Kitten For Sal $2,800
Janessa is quite a charming kitten. her bright eyes are wonderful. it is as though she expresses all her delightful emotions with one simple glance. she makes eye contact when you talk to her and loves to ...
Gold Member Cream Toy Persian Kitten
Butterscotch  is an all around sweet and pudgy little guy. he is simply adorable from the tip of his tiny pink nose to his darling little toes! he is full of spunk and purr-sonality! he makes the sill...
Gold Member Black Smoke & White Toy Persian Kitten For Sale
Masterpiece has a “melt your heart” kind of face! he is candid about showing his willingness to be your friend by tapping your leg in hopes of being picked up & cuddled. his gorgeous hair coat places h...
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