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Cats (page 4)

There are currently 720 ads running in the Cats category.
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Bengal (35)Ragdoll (32)Maine Coon Cat (27)Siamese (25)
Himalayan (22)Savannah (20)American Shorthair (19)Exotic Shorthair (17)
Munchkin (17)Scottish Fold (15)Egyptian Mau (8)British Shorthair (6)
Russian Blue (6)Siberian (6)Turkish Angora (3)Burmese (3)
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Abyssinian (2)Manx (2)Norwegian Fores... (2)Snowshoe (2)
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Tonkinese (1)American Bobtail (1)Birman (1)Asian Group (1)
Balinese (1)
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Gold Member Loving Silver Persian $100
Silver persian 3 yrs old. she is spayed and up to date on all her shots. she is registered through cfa and ufo.
Gold Member Kittens Rare Pumas $350,900 Multiple Images
Rare new developed breed.(on my 15th year. look like miniature pumas, cougars,mountain lions. not only elegantly beautiful they are extremely intelligent, clean, athletic, devoted to you, look you in the ...
Gold Member Pure Bred British Short/long Hair Kittens $1,500
Silver shaded, blue, lilac, black and chocolate british shorthair kittens available for reservations. parents registered with tica - from elite european catteries, great pedigree, adorable kittens! read...
Gold Member Beautiful Blue Eyed Sphynx $1,500
One sweet male still available! this little guy is super sweet and playful! he is going to be big and bald, and the perfect addition to your home! he is pet priced at $1,500, and will be ready for his ...
Gold Member Beautiful Tica Bambino (munchkin) Kittens $600
We have one little boy still available. he has the shortest little legs, and the personality of a hairless cat. he is super sweet, and laid back, and already learning to fetch. if you are wanting a cat ...
Gold Member Bronze Egyptian Mau Kittens! $850 Multiple Images
These stunning little bronze girls are available, %850 each for delphine, aurora & margarete, daphne(the really red little girl) is my favorite & $900 or i may just keep her she is so pretty! located in ha...
Gold Member Designer Pagoda Cat Tower $279
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Gold Member Adorable Munchkin Bambino Kittens $600 Multiple Images
I still have two kittens available and ready now. they have the cutest stubby little legs, and are super social. they are third generation bambinos, making them have that awesome puppy dog personality. ...
Gold Member Champion Sired Sphynx Kittens $1,500
Adorable little sphynx kittens available! 2 year genetic health guarantee. these little guys are super bald and going to be big beautiful babies. check out kytykittens for more info.
Gold Member Designer Sculptured Cat Tree $230
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Gold Member Manx Purebred & Bengal-manx Kittens $175 Multiple Images
Manx purebred and also bengal-manx kittens available. born june 12, 2016. these kittens are quality manx and carefully bred for health and disposition. we have two short bob tails and two longies. ready f...
Gold Member Sphynx Bambino And Munchkin Kittens $1,200 Multiple Images
Beautiful kittens available, bambinos and bambino carrier kittens! more babies due soon. all kittens come with a 2 year genetic health guarantee. check out kytykittens for more information and availability!
Gold Member Beautiful Stubby Legged Munchkin/bambino Kittens $1,200 Multiple Images
Awesome little bambino kittens with adorable short little stubby legs, little boys and girls available. they are tica registered and come with a two year genetic health guarantee. carrying the hairless g...
Gold Member Beautiful Bambinos/ Munchkins Multiple Images
Beautiful kittens available to the purrrrfect pet homes! short stubby legs that carry the hairless gene thus giving these kittens that awesome puppy like personality. these little dolls will greet you at...
Gold Member Bambino Kittens Multiple Images
Beautiful bambino and bambino carrier kittens available. check out kytykittens for more information. will deliver nation wide.
Gold Member Heavenly Persian Kittens Available! Multiple Images
We currently have new fur-faces showing up on our website. if you are looking for a companion, look no further! these adorable kittens are sure to tug at your heartstrings and give you many years of l...
Gold Member Beautiful Sphynx And Bambino Kittens $1,000 Multiple Images
Beautiful sweet sphynx and bambino kittens raised in our home and very loving! these babies have huge puppy like personalities, and will come running to the door to greet you! 2 year genetic health guara...
Gold Member Chantilly, Tiffany Burmilla Kittens $500 Multiple Images
Beautiful long and short haired burmilla kittens available right now. born 8/16/2014. i have 2 lh males, and 1 sh male. 1 lh female, and 1 sh female. very personable and loving. all vacinations and wormed....
Gold Member Grumpy Cat Look-a-like Munchkin Kitten $500 Multiple Images
This munchkin baby is one of my favorites but i love them all they are very sweet munchkin kittens and ready for new loving home ..i have a lilac point female ,&,darling sealpoint female with a bobtail re...
Gold Member Sphynx And Bambino Kittens $1,500 Multiple Images
Beautiful sphynx boys and girls available and ready for their new home soon. bambino and bambino carriers born and coming to the site soon. kytykittens
Gold Member Persian Kittens For Sale $1,500 Multiple Images
Now shipping beautiful kittens from orlando florida to california airports - lax, las, sfo. silver persian kittens available now. chinchilla and shaded patterns. we also have white persian kittens with blu...
Gold Member Tiny Teacup Persian Kittens Available! Multiple Images
Rollie pollie ollie is now available and looking for a warm and loving home in time for the holiday season. this precious boy is incredibly charming. he enjoys rolling about and peering up at you with his ...
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