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Cats (page 3)

There are currently 5094 ads running in the Cats category.
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Gold Member Black & White Van Persian Kitten For Sale Multiple Images
Hi, “peeps”! i’m mini oreo! i have wide eyes as tender and innocent as a precious moments doll. i’m a velcro cat. i will stick by your side and snuggle up beside you as close as i can get. i love to sit on...
Gold Member Lightly Shaded Silver & White Bicolor Persian Multiple Images
At any given moment in time, you can see puggles running at what seems to be 100mph chasing his friends in a fun game of tag. when it comes to cuddles, puggles soaks up the love and affection. he will rest...
Gold Member Silver Chinchilla & White Female Persian For Sale Multiple Images
Darla is a silly little kitten who is always entertaining us with her adorable kitty antics. her personality is huge. she is a sweet girl who loves to be pampered as the center of attention. her beautiful ...
Gold Member Silver Chinchilla & White Persian Kitten Multiple Images
Say hello to our sweet little boo. everyone needs a boo, right? our baby boo craves cuddle time and can’t seem to get enough of it. he is one of those charms your socks off kind of kitties that melts your ...
Gold Member Solid Chocolate Male Persian Kitten For Sale Multiple Images
Meet chip! this little one has got it all and is not afraid to flaunt it as he poses for the camera. chip is really the perfect companion for just about anyone. looking for a fluffy lap warmer? chip is alw...
Gold Member Silver Chinchilla Male Persian Kitten
Tiny dancer is just that, he doesn’t really walk, he dances where ever he goes and is just about the most inquisitive little kitty we have ever seen. he wants to know, “what’s behind there? what’s under th...
Gold Member Shaded Golden & White Bicolor Persian Kitten Multiple Images
Be inspired! one look from porky and you won’t believe he is even real! this fabulous kitten will steal your heart and lock it away all for himself. he makes the most purr-fect snuggly fur-friend you could...
Gold Member Chubby Cheeks Black Persian Kitten Multiple Images
Meet our adorable chubby cheeks! (chubbs for short) chubbs is truly one of a kind with his unique white snowball cheeks. if his out-of-this-world cuteness isn’t enough to impress you, surely his gentle and...
Gold Member Beautiful Black Male Persian Kitten For Sale Multiple Images
Pepper has such a beautiful black coat that bounces and flows to and fro when he frolics across the house. he is an affectionate puppy trapped in a kitten’s body, hehe! sometimes he can be a busy little be...
Gold Member Black Female Persian Kitten For Sale Multiple Images
Check out this absolutely divine kitty! sapphire has a personality that is out of this world cuddly and sweet! with a simple swish of her tail, she will come running to you the moment you come home. from t...
Gold Member Black Smoke & White Female Persian Kitten For Sale Multiple Images
A black smoke & white bicolor baby girl!!!! holy cow! we don’t see these very often, our last one that was a female was almost 10 years ago. usually, this color pattern is more prominent in males. not only...
Gold Member Lilac & White (he Almost Appears Pink!!!) Persian Multiple Images
With one quick glance, thumper is sure to lure you in with his expressive pouty eyes and perfect purr-sonality. this fella is a complete goofball. he doesn’t walk, he bounces about and follows you around l...
Gold Member Shaded Silver/silver Tip Persian Kitten For Sale Multiple Images
Hi there! my name is mr. purr~body and i am looking for a forever home where i can be loved and cherished. i am quite enthusiastic and attentive when it comes to my friends and family. i especially love ch...
Gold Member Strawberry Blonde Male Persian Kitten For Sale Multiple Images
Everyone, please give a warm welcome to our sweet little roo! roo has been a little self-conscious about making his internet debut because he because he says he’s not as “pretty” as his siblings and som...
Gold Member Lightly Shaded Golden Exotic Short Hair Multiple Images
Take a walk on the wild side with tarzan. this beautiful baby is as sweet as can be. his precious face is too cute for words! he has the purr-fect doll-face we love. we adore his exotic tabby markings whic...
Gold Member Shaded Silver Female Kitten For Sale Multiple Images
Dolly is the sweetest and most lovable little kitten you have ever seen! you can just see her excitement bursting inside of her as soon as she sees you. she loves to jump up and let you know that she wants...
Gold Member Golden Chinchilla Male Persian Kitten For Sale Multiple Images
Glitterbug was blessed with a coat that looks like it was sprinkled with glittery gold dust. we hardly ever see chinchilla goldens this light and when we do, we keep them, however, we have decided to share...
Gold Member Lightly Shaded Golden Persian Kitten For Sale Multiple Images
Say hello to our beyond beautiful “little fox”! i know, little boys aren’t supposed to be “beautiful”….but he is!!!! just look at that face! those eyes! that coat! omg!!!! it’s like you dreamed him into th...
Gold Member Lightly Shaded Golden Male Persian Kitten For Sale Multiple Images
Rusty is a handsome boy with a face like the king of the jungle and a fluffy long coat you’d expect to see on a pampered prince. he is a big time snuggler! he is perfect for someone who wants a couch buddy...
Gold Member Female Seal Point Himalayan Kitten For Sale Multiple Images
Introducing maisey! this lovely kitty is a living doll! she has the most remarkable heart-warming purr-sonality! everything is a toy in maisey’s world! maisey loves to cuddle up close to you for warm and l...
Gold Member Shaded Silver Male Persian Kitten For Sale Multiple Images
Give a warm welcome to furby! this melt-your-heart kitten has a wonderful quiet confidence in everything he does. if you dream of having a snuggly, furry, purring lap warmer, this little one is pure perfec...
Gold Member Silver Tabby Female Persian Kitten For Sale
Introducing la~tee~da! this darling baby girl radiates happiness from the tip of her tiny nose right down to her toes. she is very inquisitive and always wants to be right there with you, checking everyth...
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