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Birds (page 3)

There are currently 89 ads running in the Birds category.
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Conure (16)Others (11)Macaw (10)Cockatiel (9)
African Grey (8)Amazon (6)Parakeet (5)Love Bird (5)
Parrotlet (5)Cockatoo (4)Finch (3)Poicephalus (2)
Birds Wanted (2)Canary (2)Budgie (1)
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Blue & Gold Macaw $1,500
5 months old blue & gold macaw, very friendly, does not bite anyone. hand-fed from birth, hand-raised. very healthy. very nice feathers, likes to play, quiet when he is alone in cage. call (661)-803-7137
Lovebirds For Sale ( Breeding Pair)
Love bird breeding pair. 3 clutches of healthy strong birds in less than a year. male is a fischer and female is a black mask. the baby birds colours have been vibrant and a broad variety. $150 for the pair.
Baby Fischer Lovebirds For Sale
Baby love birds are strong and healthy and brightly coloured. ready for a new a home. $35 each.
Cockatiels (pair Of Two) & Cage $125
This pair of cockatiels has always been together, and must stay together. "tom & jerry" are beautiful, healthy birds. jerry enjoys being picked up, and is very friendly. tom prefers not to be held. the...
Blue Crown Conure $530
We have a female blue crown conure baby available hatched 8/16/2016. contact us for more information. 541 487-7291.
Bareeyed Cockatoo $750
Male bareeyed cockatoo. likes women. talks a little. comes with cage, food, toys ,and stand. in good feather and good health. price is negotiable
Pair Of Amazons $700
I have a 14 year old double yellow headed male and a 13 year old female yellow shouldered that i am selling. they come with 2 large cages and lots of toys. they only use 1 cage. they can be handled and he ...
Yellow Naped Amazon $1,200
She a beautiful yellow naped amazon. great talker says over 30 words, hand feed ,very friendly, loves attention ,comes with cage and toys.
Green Parrot $450
Great speaking parrot. call: 3234060749
Black-headed Caique $600
7 yr old tame male. funny guy will nip as parrots do if they feel the need. he loves to whistle and hang out on your shoulder. he loves baths, loves to fight the vacuum and shoes. he loves to wander the h...
Awesome African Gray Parrot $500
This baby will introduce your family to miracle, she is just just 3 years old and has a wide vocabulary of words. she is very affectionate with children, strangers and other pets. she will be a great addi...
Hand Fed Baby Sun Conures $250
I have two hand fed baby sun conures for sale. these babies just weaned last week and i'm needing to find a good home for them. they will make a great pet for kids. they loves to be out of the cage and to ...
Melon- Green Cheek Conure $350
Melon is a playful bird, i got him a couple months ago. he loves hanging out his, jumping on my shoulder, and then going up my head (guess he just loves brushing my hair xd). he really looks like a waterme...
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo $300
-dont feed him chocolate or avacodo or he will die -sweet, fun,energetic,playful -likes his head pet -can say "hello" "watcha doing chester" "good night chester" -can make dog barking sound -he is ...
Catalina Macaw $1,500
Our macaw is just over one year old. we have had her for about 6 months. she is learning to talk right now. hello is one of the only words that are actually distinguishable, but more are in progress. my hu...
Hand-fed Quaker Parrot $450
Hand fed quaker parrot for sale, around 4 months old. very sweet to other people and birds, and has been around other animals. loves to be petted and have her chin scratched. will not come with cage, but w...
Hand-fed Young Cockatiel $140
Young, hand fed cockatiel for sale. very friendly to new people, and is still young enough to form a strong bond with its owner. not sure on exact age, but is less than 4 months old. does not come with cag...
World's Smallest Breed Of Chicken!!
Tiny serama bantams. these birds weigh between 8 and 15 ounces. they make great pets! i have silkied, frizzle and normal feathered birds in a variety of colors. e-mail for availability and prices. eggs, c...
Umbrella Cockatoo $1,500
White umbrella cockatoo,with cage,perches,food,bowl,toys. really hate to find a new home for her. my daughter has allergies to her,i do as well. bubbles is a very sweet and loving bird. loves everyone. tal...
Beautiful Sunday Conure $300
Handfed-great condition-4 years old (conures are long-lived. up to 30 years).
Yellow Nape Female And Blue Front Male $400
I have a yellow nape amazon female and a blue front amazon male, both are 8 years old and very bonded. both are in good health and are excellent talkers, i want them to go to a good home and probably would...
Green-cheeked Conure (normal) $400
Lilo is a wonderful bird, she loves kids, is great with people (take her to nursing home and is great with everyone). she loves to spend time on her very large cage and look out the window or just hang out...
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